Serra da Estrela Mountain

Conquering the Extraordinary Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela, is the name of the highest mountain range in Portugal, but this gigantic mountain range is more popularly known for being home to captivating natural attractions for the brave and the bold. Serra da Estrela, which measures 62.14 miles long and covers the municipalities of Manteigas, Guarda, Seia, Gouveia, and Covilha, offers beyond the ordinary attractions that most Portugal cities and towns offer.

This mountain range is part of the Parque Natural Serra da Estrela that is a popular destination for adventure-seekers. The Natural Park is most popularly known for being a ski destination during the winter season. In fact, a ski resort named Vodafone Ski Resort was established at the summit of the mountain to cater to ski enthusiasts.

Serra da Estrela Portugal region also has a lot of things to offer to tourists visiting during summer or spring. In fact, it is when tourists can enjoy fantastic views of the mountains, and thus the perfect time to explore the Park. Visitors who are adventurous at heart can also enjoy mountaineering, canyoneering, hiking, and trad climbing. For hiking enthusiasts, there are three main trails to choose from, and each varies in terms of difficulty of the trail and the time it takes to finish the trail.

For many mountaineers, Serra da Estrela is one of the most rewarding locations to hike in Portugal. The mountain range is home to some of the most breathtaking and clearest rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the world. Hiking also rewards tourists with rich and exotic fauna and flora. The middle zone is rich in oaks and various animals, such as Iberian Wolf, Iberian Mountain Lizard, owls, snakes, and birds.

With all the wonderful things that Serra da Estrela Portugal National Park offers, it is no surprise why tourism is one of the main sources of income for its 40,000 residents. The region is attracting an increasing number of visitors all-year round. And to prove this, it is the only region in Portugal that has put up its own network of marked routes along the entire area of the National Park.

To get to the Serra da Estrela Portugal National Park, there are various access routes visitors can take, depending on where they are coming from. Those driving from Porto can take the A25 highway, while visitors from Lisbon can take the A1 and IC 16 highways.

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