Santa Eulalia Beach

Praia Santa Eulalia Beach: Your place in the sun

If there’s one ultimate reason why a lot of people fell in love with Algarve, a region at the southern part of Portugal, it’s perhaps because it is one of the sunniest spots in Europe. Here, what delight your senses are the ancient villages, vine-covered valleys and town squares that  seem perpetually cloaked with the sun’s golden hue, throughout the year.

Praia de Santa Eulalia beach is situated in the municipality of Albufeira, in Algarve region, just 3 kilometers to the city center and 43 kilometers to the nearest airport. Praia Santa Eulalia Algarve region is sought after by locals and tourists alike for its emerald Atlantic waters, scenic cliffs and marvelous pine gardens.

But there is still more to the beautiful scenery that awaits visitors in Santa Eulalia beach, offering many activities for anyone looking for an adventure and an escapade. For tourists who are adventurous at heart, we would highlight a wide range of water sports, including windsurfing, para-sailing, sailing or cruising.

The evenings in Praia de Santa Eulalia beach can also be as vibrant and flamboyant as the town during the day. There are bars, dance clubs, art galleries and theater houses for those looking to enjoy music, dancing or movies, instead of just frolicking on the beach.  However, for visitors looking for a more quiet evening on the beach, they can choose to stroll along the shoreline or just watch the sky. The beach’s vast open space offers a magnificent view of the stars, perfect for finding the tranquility that many look for in their vacations.

While Praia de Santa Eulalia Algarve region is most loved for its breathtaking natural destinations, tourists can also delight in its man-made attractions. Among beaches, valleys and ancient towns are deluxe resorts, five-star hotels, exclusive villas, golf courses and first-rate bars and restaurants. This marriage of two worlds, the pristine nature and state-of-the-art facilities, is also one of the reasons why Santa Eulalia beach is among of the top tourist destinations in Algarve.

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