Village of Estremoz

Estremoz: More Than Just a Marble Town

The town of Estremoz is the largest marble town in the province of Alentejo in Portugal. It is known as the world’s second largest explorer of marble, offering a huge variety of marble in different types and colors. But aside from this, Estremoz, Portugal has also become a favorite destination for travelers who are looking for some adventure and who are interested in exploring and learning the country’s history and culture.

One great example of sights that speak of how Portugal was in the past is the high and magnificent tower of Torre das Tres Coroas. Towering at about 27 meters and erected in 1258, Torre das Tres Coroas is the most dominant and is one of the oldest structures in town. Within the walls of this tower is a historic pousada with gardens that offer a stunning view of the town and the vast plains of Alentejo.

Museums are also aplenty in Estremoz, Portugal. There’s the Municipal Museum that features a great collection of religious works of art, local pottery, and 17th and 18th century clay figures; and the Rural Museum that showcases an incredible collection of artifacts produced by the locals. It’s also hard to miss the century-old Palacio da Touca that features fine 17th-century tiles.

In downtown Estremoz, tourists can visit and enjoy the stunning scenery offered by Rossio Marques de Pombal, simply called the Rossio. The Rossio is a huge square surrounded by marble churches and cafes and is a perfect place to relax and do some sightseeing. It is also worth visiting the different churches, structures, and buildings in town; many of which date back from 15th century.

As one of the most popular towns in Portugal, Estremoz offers different activities for travelers from different parts of the world. While in town, there are also a lot of hotels that tourists can stay in, fine restaurants where they can enjoy Portuguese cuisine, and bars and nightclubs where they can spend and enjoy the night. And if done exploring the different monuments and structures of Estremoz, Portugal, tourists can also choose to explore and visit its nearby towns like Evora, Vila Vicosa, Monsaraz, and Marvao and learn more of Portugal’s history and culture.

Estremoz is only two hour away from Lisbon by bus or car. From departing from Lisbon can take the A2 and the A6 highways. Meanwhile, those coming from Spain or Elvas have to take the A6/E90.

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