Vila Viçosa Village

Vila Vicosa: The Jewel of Alentejo

Vila Viçoosa is a town located in one of the most fertile regions in Portugal’s southern region and is home to some of the most important and memorable events and structures that shaped the country’s fascinating history and cultural heritage. With a good number of natural and manmade attractions in Vila Vicosa Portugal region, there’s no doubt why it is often regarded as the jewel of Alentejo.

These days, the historic town is known as one of the biggest producers of ornamental stone and marble and remains a favorite destination for those who want to get a glimpse of century-old castles, convents, and other structures that have played a huge part in Portugal’s history. What’s probably the most remarkable part of Vila Vicosa are its streets that are made of marble; even the benches, pavements, window frames, and doorways are made of marble.

Sightseeing and touring around town is very common. There are a lot of places to explore and many outdoor activities to do. One of the most popular destinations is the Royal Park, a delightful place that is also a favorite hunting park for many. Featuring a century-old house, chapels, brooks and fountains, and five gates, the park is truly a must-visit. Tours are regularly conducted in the park where tourists get to experience a fun walk and unforgettable encounters with wild animals.

There’s also Porta do Nos, the famous beautiful square where the majestic palace of the dukes of Braganza as well as various churches stand. The Knot Door that symbolizes the great and aristocratic power of the dukes as well as the imposing statue of King Joao IV on horseback are some of the most noticeable parts of Porta do Nos.

Another favorite spot in Vila Viçosa, Portugal, is the Royal Palace where Catherine of Braganca, who also became the queen of England, was born. Inside this magnificent palace are various items from different countries: Flemish, English and French tapestries, Brazilian furniture, and Chinese porcelain. It is also where the Coach Museum lies, a museum that displays a huge collection of ancient sedan chairs and coaches that all date back from the 17th to 20th century.

There are a lot more interesting museums, castles, convents and historical structures in town that are also worth visiting, from the Hunting Museum and Archeology Museum to the churches such as the Misericordia Church and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao.

Taking bus that regularly travels from the nearby towns of Estremoz and Evora or a tour bus from Lisbon is the easiest and most convenient way to Vila Vicosa, Portugal. Traveling through this mode of transportation can also give tourists the opportunity to explore Vila Vicosa’s nearby areas, such as the museum town of Evora, the white-walled town of Marvao, and the town of Estremoz that boasts a luxurious “pousada”.

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