Alcacer do Sal Village

Alcacer do Sal: Touring around the Town of Majestic Castles and Churches

Situated in the district of Setubal, Alcacer do Sal is a town of various pousadas, castles, and parishes that all symbolize the rich and fascinating history of Portugal. The second largest municipality in the country, Alcacer do Sal Portugal region is divided into six civil parishes, which have all become an important part of the country’s history and have also become a favorite destination for tourists and travelers around the world.

A trip to Alcacer do Sal is not complete without a visit to Santa Maria do Castelo. Also known as the Santa Maria Castle Church Ruins, Santa Maria do Castelo is a 12th-century church that served as the main meeting point of the town’s inhabitants for a long period of time. Although it was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake, the castle’s grand entrance, a funeral chapel, parts of Manueline vault, and traces of 17th-century tiles can still be seen.

The unique and small village of Santa Susana has also become a favorite destination mainly because of the various water activities that it offers to tourists, such as sailing, windsurfing, and angling. This is the village where Pego do Altar and Vale de Gaio dams are located; the latter is famous for offering a pousada where tourists can stay in as they explore the beauty of the municipality.

Meanwhile, a glimpse at the town’s fascinating history can be done by visiting the Municipal Archaeological Museum. The museum showcases some of the most important archaeological collections of art and finds from around town, which include century-old Portuguese pottery as well as items that date back from the Mesolithic period.

Alcacer do Sal Portugal region is also where the famous and charming natural reserve is located–the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve–which also occupies the towns of Palmela, Setubal, Grandola, and Sesimbra. This natural reserve is remarkable for its calm lagoons, lush green pines, blue rivers, and streams and marshes that are home to a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Alcacer is about 50 kilometers from Setubal, 42 kilometers from Evora, and about 90 kilometers from Lisbon. It may be far-off from the country’s city center but the town is certainly worth a visit. It is nearby some other tourist destinations that include beaches and resorts as well as the towns of Comporta, Beja, and Troia, which are also known for different historical and interesting attractions.

Getting to Alcacer do Sal Portugal region can be done through public transportation like buses and train. Travelers can also get to the municipality through plane, with two airports close to the town; one in Faro and another one in Lisbon.

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