Caldas de Monchique

Caldas de Monchique: Born with the gift of curative water

Algarve’s Monchique Spa village is renowned in Portugal for its healing waters, which have been in record since the time Romans occupied the region.

The spa village, Caldas de Monchique in Portugal has an interesting location, as it’s situated in a narrow gorge with amazing rock cliffs for visual treat. A charming village, it has now become a bit more touristic due to the presence of these hot waters springs, that were proven to have therapeutic powers.

Caldas de Monchique Portugal region evolved as a result of the four springs that are known to exist for more than 1000 years. The water of three springs is bottled and sold, while the fourth spring is used by the the guests of the 46-bedroom spa turned hotel, that come to get healed by these waters. The famed waters are hot at 32 degrees C, smell of sulphur, contain sodium as well as fluorine and are believed to cure bone related problems, like rheumatism, and also respiratory issues.

However, if visitors explore a bit Caldas de Monchique Portugal region, they are bound to find many shallow falls up on the hill, at a distance from the spa. These small cascades are adjacent to the church and usher in a sense of peace, calm and relaxing time in the lap of nature. One can even drink these waters as they spring out of the ground, uncontaminated, at a cylindrical shaped building called “The Bouvet’, that is located in the middle of the village square and the new public pool.

The Monchique Spa in Algarve is a wonderful escape destination during the summer, especially since it is located on the highest point in the Algarve and can be fresher than the coastline.The village and its big sister Monchique, another beautiful town, are part of Foia, a local mountain area.

Visitors interested in testing the power of the curative sulphur hot springs can easily reach Caldas de Monchique in Algarve, from Portimão. The total distance is around 25km and it takes close to 30 mins to get there without stoppage. The drive takes one through Eucalyptus scented forests and one of the most famous local snacks, the ‘Chicken Piri Piri’ is a must have and easily available at any of the restaurants close to Foia.

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