Cacela Velha Village

Cacela Velha: Captivating Tourists’ Hearts with Its Natural Beauty

Enriched with beautiful beaches, natural scenic spots, and historical amenities, Cacela Velha in Algarve is a great choice for tourists looking to explore the natural and historic richness of Portugal.  The village is situated in the eastern part of Algarve, around 20kms from the city of Vila Real de Santo Antonio and very close to the Spanish border.

Overlooking the sea, the town is perched on a rocky land, maintaining its magnificent features that had surpassed the hands of time. The village is small compared to others in Algarve, and still allows visitors to experience nature and local culture unspoiled by mass tourism.

Fishing used to be the main industry in the village, and still fishermen moor their boats on the beach. But while Cacela Velha Algarve area is quite commendable for its active fishing industry, it’s also known for its preservation of historical sites and structures, as the village was witness to significant historical events.

According to historians, Cacela Velha and nearby Algarve towns used to be the a stopover for Phoenician and Greek travelers, that left traces of their presence. Furthermore, both Arab and Roman settlers had played a vital part in expanding the region. Some archaeological artifacts that were excavated in 2007 prove that the village was once inhabited by Islamic people and archaeologists were also able to determine that the place became a center for agriculture during the 10th century.

There is also a historical fort that had once served as the guard on bay to give warnings on invading outside forces. In 1755, the fort was partly destroyed due to the strong earthquake and ensuing tsunami that hit the Algarve. Later on it was restored and now serves as the head office for the local patrol of the National Guard.

In addition to these historical attractions, Cacela Velha is the place for several cultural events that showcase the village’s colorful history and rich culture. One of the most interesting is the Noites da Moura Encantada or, in English, the Nights of the Enchanted Moor Woman. It’s a yearly event that provides villagers and visitors a night full of street fairs, great music, and arts exhibitions. Some of these events promote the cultural heritage of Berber and Arab that is still evident in the area. Some other events also include musical shows at the church of Cacela Velha, entailing various productions of classical and medieval music.

In Cacela Velha Algarve area tourists may also find very worthwhile to visit the old village of Castro Marim or the town of Monte Gordo, which are both quite nearby. Regarding beaches, a visit to Altura Beach and Praia verde are highly recommended.

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