Alcoutim Village

Alcoutim: Beautiful Village with an Enviable Location

Alcoutim is a beautiful village on the banks of the River Guadiana in south Portugal. Known for its beautiful river views, local epicurean experiences and activities, the village is popular with local and foreign tourists. Alcoutim is also close to Vila Real de Santo António and Castro Marim, among others that have contributed majorly to making eastern Algarve such a wonderful and beautiful region, especially for those with interests in history, culture, and outdoor activities related to nature.

A beautiful and traditional village, Alcoutim Portugal region is perched partly on a hillside. It has cobbled streets, small, cozy squares, and a traditionally paved promenade lining the bank of the river. Restaurants and cafes overlook this pretty sight and give tourists excellent opportunity to settle down for a refreshing drink or embark on a epicurean journey of local delicacies.

Alcoutim Portugal region has an enviable location, as not only does it overlook Spain, but it also has many natural mineral deposits like copper, manganese, and iron. There are mines known to exist in the region since Roman times, so it is understood Alcoutim Algarve region was an important settlement and the fact finds merit in the ruins of a castle that dates back to the 14th century. The castle, located on a hill, offers panoramic views of Alcoutim Algarve region and has now been converted into a museum of archeology.

Not without its fair share of sightseeing locations, Alcoutim has a church, many handicraft stores, ramparts of old homes, whitewashed local homes and history written on almost every corner. Nature has also blessed Alcoutim Portugal region with plenty of flora and fauna. As the blue sliver of the Guadiana River makes it way between hills, the warm and refreshing smell of tangy citrus fills the air. The charming silhouette of sail boats anchored in the small marina, and the general ambiance of the town is sure to win over tourists. Still, one of the best ways to experience the village is by walking around and spending time at the esplanade by the riverfront.

The main church in the village is the first example of Renaissance architecture in the Algarve region. Constructed in 1538, this medieval church was rebuilt over the years and features a well-defined porch. The interiors consist of 3 naves with decorated pillars and capitals. The main and side chapels have carved retables. One can also see an attractive set of sculpted figures.

Don’t head out of Alcoutim without visiting the many handicrafts stores that sell souvenirs made using ancient techniques. One of the best places to observe these arts is at the Alcoutim Villa, where the people of the village still weave linen cloths, blankets, and covers on wooden looms. One can also see women making hats, shawls, lace, and stockings. The work of some saddle makers that use straw and woolen threads to craft beautiful colored horse collars and other equine strapping pieces can prove to be interesting.

Alcoutim Portugal region is definitely worth a visit and a 40 minute drive from Vila Real de Santo António, along the EN122 in the north direction is the best way to reach it.

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