Vila do Bispo Village

Vila do Bispo: A Charming And Historical Journey

Vila do Bispo is a village in southwestern tip of the Algarve region in Portugal, known for its mythical atmosphere and well preserved coastline with fascinating rock formations and sea. It’s a place where history and nature combine to create, perhaps one of the most beautiful and unique regions that are worth admiring and spending time to familiarize with.

According to historical research, the region was inhabited by humans since Neolithic or Palaeolithic ages. The proof can be found in the shallow graves that have been discovered in this region. And the lonely menhirs, in vast numbers or cromlechs, one of the most important archeological finds of Portugal, is located in the Vila do Bispo Algarve region. The village was willed to the Algarve Diocese at the start of the 16th century and was given a town’s status in the 17th century. However, the town was seriously damaged in the 1755 earthquake and although rebuilt never re-achieved its former status.

With beaches that extend towards both, east and north, the Vila do Bispo Portugal area has over 20 sandy beaches with broad sandy stretches and hidden coves, that offer privacy to those seeking it. For those who love beaches, this is definitely a region to visit.

Some of the top beaches are – “Murracao” which is a small but wide sandy stretch; a chain of wide beaches like “Barriga”, “Cordama” and “Mouranitos” that are separated by rocks and offer solitude and serenity; the “Castelejo” beach with tourist facilities; the “Telheiro”, which is a charming protected beach; the “Baleeira” and the “Mareta” beaches that are long and wide with tourist facilities and are very good spots for scuba diving, among many others.

Sightseeing options include remains of windmills, whitewashed homes dotting slopes, a church tower, and the historical center.

The region is very accessible from Faro Airport. It should take a bit more than one hour driving west through the A22 highway, up to the City of Lagos and then taking road N125 up to Vila do Bispo.

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