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Historical, Cultural and Wine Tours at Viseu

Viseu, capital of the Dao-Lafoes sub-region, is perhaps one of the most underrated provincial cities in Portugal. While this place does not always make it to the top five most popular tourist destinations in Portugal, travelers who include Viseu in their itinerary will be delighted to discover that in this ancient, unassuming town thrives a rich culture that celebrate art, and heritage.

A Walking Tour Through the Artistic Treasures of Viseu, Portugal

Viseu has become a venue for artistic activities, mainly because it offers an atmosphere that is said to be highly conducive to the creative process. It is perhaps because of this reason why a number of Portugal’s renowned artists live in Viseu. Even artists from other regions come here to be more inspired of their craft.

Not only does it serve as venue for artistic activities such as painting, Viseu is itself a gallery of architectural grandeur, featuring ancient cathedrals, Baroque palaces and Rococo-inspired monasteries. All these sights provide visitors a breathtaking walking tour through Portugal heritage and how the country celebrates art.

Visitors can start their walking tour at the Cathedral Square that is located at the heart of the city. The plaza houses the “trinity of the city architecture” as it is where the city’s most important structures are located. One of these must-see buildings is the Se Catedral de Viseu, a twin-towered structure built in the 13th century. The cathedral’s architecture is a mélange of architectural styles and influences. Its imposing façade is in Mannerist style, while the interiors showcase a richly-embellished Baroque ornamentation.

Facing the Se Catedral is the Misericordia Church, which features whitewashed walls and Rococo façade that is said to resemble a traditional manor house. This structure is perched on a highly elevated area, offering tourists a delightful view of the city landscape.

Another spot that visitors should not miss in the place is the Grão Vasco Museum, which showcases ornate religious art pieces, such as paintings, and sculptures. The museum is named in honor of the world-renowned Portuguese artist, Vasco Fernandes. Also known as Grão Vasco, he was considered one of the finest artists during the Renaissance period. He lived in Viseu and founded a painting school in the city.

The Gastronomic Pleasures of Viseu, Portugal

The city sits on a highly elevated place, which is why it was named Viseu that is literally translated as “good view.” The city, however, does not only offer a breathtaking view of landscapes. Being located in a high altitude also makes the area perfect for wine vineyards.

In fact, the city produces some of the best wines in Portugal. Wines produced in the Dao region is praised for its rich, velvety taste, as they are made from naturally acidic grapes harvested from vineyards that enjoy the perfect climate and granite soils of the valleys surrounding the city.

Viseu is located 97km east of Aveiro, 92 km northeast of Coimbra and 991 991 km northeast of Lisbon. It is reached by train via the Nelas train station. Buses from Coimbra also have daily 1hour and 15 minute trips to the city, while from Lisbon a bus trip takes 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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