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Tomar, Portugal: Home to the Mysterious Sites of the Templars

Tomar is a small city in central Portugal best known for being one of the country’s historical jewels. Built within the protective walls of the magnificent Templar Castle, Tomar is known for its connections to the Order of the Templar Knights. However, while some sites in the city speak of its significance throughout history, visitors will be surprised that the grandeur of its historical sites is not the only thing that attracts visitors to the place. In fact, it is also becoming a modern small city that has almost everything you can find in big cities. From first class restaurants and hotels, to night spots and festivals, you can surely find something in the city to make your stay unforgettable.

For tourists who want to explore the city’s historical sites though, one spot that they should not miss is the Convent of Christ or the castle of the Templar Knights of Tomar, which is considered to be one of the country’s most impressive architectures. The Templar Caste was built under the Order of Gualdim de Pais, as part of a Templar defense system to protect the city from the invasion of the Moors of Iberia.

The castle is an ideal place to visit not only for those who have interest in history but also for those who appreciate arts, for the castle is an art in itself. The castle is opulently decorated with sculptures and paintings, and its architecture is in Manueline style. Considered the finest example of manueline art at the castle is its Window of the Chapter House, which is richly sculpted and reveals rich and symbolic details that illustrate the country’s status as a “sea power”. Another attraction located within the walls of Templar Castle is the gothic church of São João Baptista, a church built by King Manuel I during the 15th century.

It is surprising that while the city succeeded in preserving its historic past, it is also evident that it is embracing modernism. Today, the district of Santa Maria dos Olivais in the east side is home to many modern structures, including shops, classy restaurants, modern fitness and sports facilities, parks, and art galleries that further strengthen its tourism industry. Those who are looking for a vibrant night life, they can go to restaurants or bars. There are also good shopping complexes for both tourists and locals alike.

For anyone looking to enrich their travel to Portugal, one great attraction to consider is to witness Tomar City’s flamboyant Festa dos Tabuleiros, the largest festival of its kind in Portugal. This festival starts in Easter Sunday and continues up to ten days of many joyful events including dancing, parade, and fireworks display.

Tomar in Portugal has indeed never lost its charm over the years. Being the center of Portugal’s overseas expansion during the time of Henry the Navigator, Tomar was considered to be a significant place throughout history. Today, offering ancient and modern grandeur, the city still continues to fascinate and attract a huge number of people each year.

Located 130 kilometers from Lisbon, Tomar Portugal region is only two hours away from Lisbon. It can be reached via bus, car or train. To get around, tourists may take the tourist train stationed in Praça de República. The train takes tourists through the city’s narrow streets and to some historic and important monuments around the city.

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