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Village of Sintra

Merging History and Fantasy in Sintra Sintra, Portugal is often called a fairytale village, and for one good reason. Aptly named after the moon goddess by the Moors, the place teems with castles and palaces that are so enchanting...
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City of Oporto

Oporto, Portugal: Visiting the City of Wonders Oporto, or simply Porto, is Portugal’s second largest city and is world-renowned for exporting port wine, a fortified dessert red wine produced from grapes. But much more to being an avenue of...
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City of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal: The City of Great Cultural Attractions and Captivating Sights With several historical spots that include museums and galleries, parks and gardens, majestic monuments and hilltop castles, there’s no doubt why Lisbon in Portugal has always been one...
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Monument to the Discoveries

Padrao dos descobrimentos: Ode to Ancient Explorers Monument to the Discoveries or, in Portuguese, Padrao dos descobrimentos in Lisbon is located in Belem district on the Tagus River’s bank, where ships once departed to discover and explore new regions...
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Madre Deus Church

Some decorations inside the church reflect the life of Queen Leonor and her husband Joao II. For instance, the stone net in the sacristy epitomizes the fishing net that the fishermen used in carrying the dead body of the...
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Igreja Sao Francisco Church

Igreja de Sao Francisco : The surprising Church In Portugal’s second largest city stands the lavishly decorated Igreja de Sao Francisco of Porto. The church is a perfect example of Rococo or Late Baroque architecture with its pillars and...
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Palacio da Ajuda

Palacio da Ajuda: A view into daily highlife of the 19th Century Palacio da Ajuda in Lisbon has a rich history, preserved in a singular way to allow visitors a dive into the royal family way of living, in...
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Pena Palace Sintra

Palacio da Pena: A Romantic Dream in Sintra The striking monument among the lush greenery of the Pena Park is the vibrant multi-hued Palacio da Pena in Sintra, Portugal’s favourite hillside town with various attractions. In addition to the...
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Belem Tower

The Belem Tower: Witness of Years Past Also called Tower of St.Vincent, this is probably one of the most iconic monuments of Lisbon and also of Portugal. Its uncommon shape and location, within the waters of the Tagus estuary,...
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Torre do Clerigos

Torre dos Clerigos: Towering Over the Idyllic Porto One of the destinations that tourists should not miss is the Torre dos Clerigos in Porto, which is a part of the historic Church of Clergy.  This attraction features a tall...
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Se Cathedral of Porto

Se Cathedral of Porto, An Emblem of Portugal’s Rich History The old city of Porto is Portugal’s second biggest city and is home to many historical sites, including the famous Se Cathedral of Porto. This was the place where...
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Palacio da Bolsa

Palacio da Bolsa: A Window to Fascinating Art and Rich History Porto, the second largest city of Portugal, is much more than an avenue of pilgrimage for wine lovers—although the city’s wine industry is one of its main attractions....
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Igreja Conceicao Velha

Conceicao Velha: A Memorable Historical Landmark Tucked in the middle of the row houses of Rua da Alfandega in Lisbon’s Baixa District, is one of the oldest churches in the country. It’s called Conceicao Velha Church. Igreja da Conceicao...
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Jeronimos Monastery

Mosteiro dos jeronimos Lisbon photo 4

Renowned to be the symbol of Portuguese art at its finest, Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos), never fails to captivate visitors from near and far.
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Cristo Rei Statue

cristo rei lisboa portugal photo 3

Cristo Rei Statue – In the shadow of Christ the King Towering at 28m high and resembling Rio de Janeiro’s Wonder of the World, Estatua do Cristo Rei in Lisbon (Christ the King Statue) is one reason why many...
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Se Cathedral of Lisbon

Se Cathedral Lisbon - photo 1

Experience The Majesty Of Se Cathedral of Lisbon Se Cathedral of Lisbon has seen a lot of history go on around it since its construction in 1147. A popular tourist destination around Lisbon, the fact that it is still...
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Carmo Church

Igreja do Carmo Church Lisbon - Photo 3

Explore the Ruins of the Past at the Carmo Church This amazing gothic monument to the past, Carmo Church, was founded by a Portuguese national hero, Nuno Alvares Pereira, who later became a member of the Carmelite Order. Finished...
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Sao Roque Church

Igreja de sao roque church Lisbon - Photo 1

Out Of Death Comes Beauty: Sao Roque Church The land where the Sao Roque Church stands today was once cut off from the city of Lisbon. It was a barren stretch, used to bury victims of the Plague that...
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Santa Engracia Church

Igreja de Sao Roque Church Lisbon - Photo 1

A Testament To Innocence: Santa Engracia Church (National Pantheon) Santa Engracia Church has a long history that intertwines with that of Lisbon but it was not until the 1960s that its beautiful dome graced the skyline of the city....
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Basilica da Estrela Church

Basilica da Estrela - Photo 3

The dome of Basilica da Estrela is open for visitors to visit, offering an impressive view of the city and countryside. Twin bell towers flank the entrance, decorated with beautiful icons of saints and other allegorical figures. The tomb...
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Castle of Sao Jorge

Castelo sao jorge lisbon - featured2

Castle of Sao Jorge or Saint George Castle can be a magical place to explore. Set on a hilltop high above Lisbon, it was once used as a fortress by the Moors until it fell in 1147.
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