Torre do Clerigos

Torre dos Clerigos: Towering Over the Idyllic Porto

One of the destinations that tourists should not miss is the Torre dos Clerigos in Porto, which is a part of the historic Church of Clergy.  This attraction features a tall bell tower that has become a popular point of interest mainly due to its historic and aesthetic value.

Built in the 18th century, and standing at 76 meters tall, Torre dos Clerigos (Tower of the Clergy) is not only one of the oldest towers in the city but is also the highest. Today, the tower remains to be one of the most prominent landmarks at the historic center of Porto, which was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. While the building of the tower started in 1731, it was only finished in 1763 when it was also first opened to the public. The site was first recognized as a National Monument in 1910.

Designed by a celebrated Italian architect named Nicolau Nasoni, the tower imbibes Roman Baroque charm and its distinctive style is showcased on the rococo gilt carvings on the tower. Meanwhile, the tower’s design that is reminiscent of the Tuscan campaniles is another proof of the city’s artistic history and influences.

There are 235 steps leading to the top of the Tower of the Clergy and from up there, visitors can delight in the panoramic view of the city, with other historic buildings on one side and the beach on the other. It also only takes 10-15 minutes for visitors to get to the nearby dock from where they depart for a 50-minute boat trip to the scenic River Douro.

To visit Torre dos Clerigos Porto area, visitors can take the train from the Aliados Metro Station that is just a walking distance from the Church of Clergy. Admission into the Torre dos Clerigos requires a fee of only 2 Euros, and the tower is open except Wednesdays, all throughout the year.

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