Henrique Leis

Dine In A Chalet By The Sea At The Henrique Leis Restaurant

Michelin starred chef Henrique Leis opened his Swiss chalet, built near the Algarve coast, so that visitors to the region can experience the best of French cuisine in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Unforgettable and innovative, the dishes designed by this world famous chef have no equal on the Algarve restaurant scene.

A truly unique place, the Henrique Leis Restaurant not only shares his name but also his influence. Every dish is prepared to the chef’s own rigorous and strict standards of excellence, with the presentation showing an obvious eye for detail. The atmosphere at the Henrique Leis Restaurant is such that you just might forget that you are on the coast of Portugal, and believe instead that you have been transported for the night to a trendy Paris café.

Chef Leis has done his best to create a comfortable fine dining atmosphere, and offers an artistic menu to challenge the palate. With starters like scallops and langoustine or a salad of quail, you know that you are about to enter a gastronomic world that cannot be easily found in other Algarve restaurants.

A true sampling can be found best on the lunch menu, more appealing in cost than the dinner. Here you can find representatives of the most favorite dishes from dinner for half the cost, including nine gourmet courses as well as delicious amuse bouche and delightful ice creams.

Henrique Leis Restaurant
Vale Formoso
8135-035 Alamancil

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