Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium: The Best Way To Get Up Close To Marine Life

Oceanario in Lisbon is dedicated to showcasing the vast and beautiful marine life around the world’s oceans. With more than 16,000 animals and 450 species, the Lisbon Oceanarium largest tank is 5000 cubic meters. Such is the popularity of this marine living exhibition, that around 1,000,000 people visit it every year.

Visitors to this Lisbon aquarium will be amazed as they experience the largest of its kind in Europe. Developed to exhibit the marine life in their natural environment, the aquarium has four different biotypes, recreated specifically to imitate the four coastal habitats of the sea world. Each of these habitats is located in four separate corners or towers that wrap the central aquarium in a tight embrace. Combined together, all these five environments represent the global ocean.

The four habitats are the rocky coast native to North Atlantic Ocean; the coast of Antarctica; the kelp forests founds in temperate Pacific Ocean; and the coral reefs native to tropical Indian Ocean. Each tank is separated from the other and from the central tank by high density acrylic sheets to provide the impression that it’s just one large tank. While The first floor of the Oceanarium has 25 smaller thematic aquariums, and each has its own unique characteristics.

Lisbon Oceanario was built by Peter Chermayeff, which later also designed Japan’s Osaka Aquarium. The highlight of the aquarium is the Global Ocean that boasts of being the largest underwater marine tanks with a capacity of 4 million liters. This tank is visible through the entire length of the premises and is filled with large sea creatures. Most of the marine species in this tank, which imitates the high seas environment, are migratory and belong to various oceans across the world. Some of the best known and more familiar marine species tank are sting rays and sharks, among other more exquisite species. Also, the Lisbon Oceanario is home to rare species, like the sunfish, a unique sea creature that is not found in most underwater worlds due to a demanding care routine.

Children will enjoy watching two Otters nicknamed Amalia and Eusebio as well as two rather big spider crabs.

This Lisbon aquarium provides an experience similar to deep-sea diving. The only difference is that there are no risks involved here. Visitors will enjoy getting up close with more than 25,000 seabirds, fish, and mammals.

The Lisbon Oceanario is located in Doca dos Olivais, Parque das Nações district and can be reached by metro. The nearest station is Oriente Station.

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