Cerro da Vila Roman Ruins

Cerro da Vila: Symbolising the Ancient Roman Search For Perfection

Cerro da Vila Roman ruins are placed in the Vilamoura tourist complex. The ruins make for an interesting visit as they help better understand the Roman era in the Algarve Portugal region.

Located in the Quarteira parish, the Cerro da Vila site exhibits remains of a Roman public bath, a harbor, an industrial compound (granaries) and some Roman mosaics. This archeological finding dates back to the 1st century, and was possibly a village manor house, with an extensive water supply system connected to a dam built approximately 2km away.

It is believed that the manor house was part of a commercially viable and busy port that was used for exchange of international goods. The Cerro da Vila Algarve region also has remnants of a reception area, some bedrooms, a kitchen, service areas for slaves and servants, as well as a cemetery. These ancient ruins are epitomes of the knowledge and scientific acumen of the Romans and are a fine example of these attributes manifested in stone. The Cerro da Vila Archeological Museum, on the ruins site, offers proper information about the Villa and other ramparts.

While the Romans were the first to settle in this village, the Visigoth, and the Moors also colonized the Cerro da Vila Algarve area and left behind valuable remnants of their time there.
Also the Algarve region has a few Roman ruin sites besides the Cerro da Vila in Vilamoura, like the Milreu Ruins near Estoi, which are also worth a visit.

The Cerro da Vila Roman ruins, however, aren’t the only reason to visit Vilamoura. This rather young vacation resort, developed in the 1970s, is one of the popular destinations on the Coast of the Algarve. The resort is a busy beach vacation destination and is very popular with both, local and foreign tourists. Its large marina provides entertainment and gastronomical satisfaction, while the beaches – beautiful and endless – in and near Vilamoura, along with luxury golf courses add to its appeal.

Cerro da Vila ruins are located near the Post office and the Lake Resort Hotel in Vilamoura.

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