Adega & Presuntaria Transmontana II

Appearances Can Be Deceiving And Delicious: Adega & Presuntaria Transmontana II

When one is traveling in and about Porto, the history and the meandering streets of the city proper can be a bit unsettling, until you get used to it. Very often, visitors not used to some sections of the city may be put off by appearances. However, when it comes to finding the hidden treasures, especially on the Porto restaurant scene, you must leave such prejudices behind, in order to experience everything the city has to offer to the fullest.

A very good example of this philosophy lies hidden amongst the warehouses that line the Douro river in Oporto, a rustic section of the city. One of the finest jewels of the Porto restaurant scene, the Adega & Presuntaria Transmontana II lies within easy walking distance of some of the larger port wine outlets. When you enter, the first thing you see are hams, lined up and aging above a plain wooden desk, alight with strategically placed lights.

The stone walls of the Adega & Presuntaria Transmontana II hearken back to medieval times, and the menu here is nothing short of amazing, traditional Portuguese cuisine, hearty to match the appetites of the region. Welcome to one of the most loved tascas in the region, good food, good wine, modest prices. While a lot of the dishes feature the regional ham, there is also a generous helping of seafood platters, and plentiful Minho style stews to be had.

Adega & Presuntaria Transmontana II
Av. Diogo Leite, 80
Vila Nova da Gaia

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