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Museu do Chiado

Museu do Chiado: Mixing art with people The Chiado district in Lisbon, is an important arts and culture center. This vibrant district is home to a number of art galleries, theatres, pottery workshops, bookshops, and curio stores. One of...
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A Brasileira Cafe

A Brasileira Cafe Lisbon Portugal photo 5

A Brasileira – Hangout for the artistic intellectuals Lisbon’s cozy cafes are as famous as the city’s quaint cobbled streets, narrow alleys and magnificent attractions. With intriguing histories and even more interesting decor, the numerous cafes are perfect for...
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Pao de Canela Cafe

pao de canela cafe lisbon - photo2

Soak Up The Culture At The Pao de Canela After a long day of touring the wonderful sights of Lisbon, there’s no better way to wrap it up than by soaking up the culture at one of the city’s...
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Cafetaria Quadrante

Cafetaria quadrante Lisbon - Photo 1

Cafetaria Quadrante/CCB In Lisbon: Delicious Meals In Traditional Surroundings With so many areas in Lisbon becoming ultra modern, it is refreshing to find a place that offers a more traditional atmosphere along with really great food. If you are...
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Cafe Majestic

Cafe Majestic Porto Portugal - Photo 3

Cafe Majestic On the 17th of December 1921 a luxurious Café called “Elite” opened  its doors, designed by the architect João Queirós. located on Santa catarina Street, right in the heart of the city. More than just a Café,...
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