Fisherman’s Rest

Enjoy Interactive Dining At The Fisherman’s Rest Seaside Restaurant

The town of Alvor is small, compared to some of the larger cities along the Algarve coast. A vibrant fishing village, the sights to see all over the area will leave you wondering if perhaps you have taken a step back into time itself, and are actually seeing Portugal as it was a few decades ago.

Nestled along the seafront fishing marina area, near the Praia de Alvor beach zone, the Fisherman’s Rest Restaurant prides itself on offering the freshest seafood in the region. It is a claim easily proven, for visitors at this Algarve restaurant have often remarked that when they order the catch of the day, they often see fishermen hauling that particular fish out of the waters nearby, just minutes after placing their order. Most certainly just a coincidence, but watching the fight for domination over the fish could whet anyone’s appetite and spark their imagination.

The simple fare at this Algarve restaurant includes so many traditional seafood favorites that it is easy to see why they have become so popular, especially when it comes to the prices. Most Alvor restaurant entries will charge by the pound when it comes to fresh fish and seafood, but not here. Even one of the monster sardines that ply the waters here only costs around 7.5 Euros at the Fisherman’s Rest Restaurant, a bargain anywhere in the Algarve, and the most delicious too.

Fisherman’s Rest Restaurant
Rua Dr. Frederico Ramos Mendes, 81
8500-018 Alvor
282 458 170

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