Enjoy Fine Seafood On The Shore At The Ababuja Restaurant

There is no better way to enjoy fine dining and seafood than to experience it along the shores of the beautiful Algarve region. Seafood is one of the most popular entries at the Ababuja Restaurant, nestled just a few meters from the water’s edge, with a wonderful ambience, and some very unforgettable views.

This popular Alvor restaurant originally drew its name from its location, because ababuja translates into “sea foam” in Portuguese. It came about because back then it was not unusual to find the water lapping not far from the front door, before the seashore was as built up and long before it became a must-do on the Algarve restaurant scene.

The Ababuja Restaurant has a spacious indoor dining room, with beautiful stone arches and stunning artwork. The roof has moving panels built into it, so that the night sky can be seen during the mellow summer nights. The stone fireplaces give notice of just how romantic and cozy this Alvor restaurant will be once the nights turn colder once more.

The menu at this Alvor restaurant is dominated by the bounty of the sea, with starters including mussels, cockles and prawns, followed by the fish of the day grilled to perfection on charcoal grills. Among the prized dishes is a wonderful Massada de Peixe, fish with pasta and seasoned with coriander. Wonderful food at a delicious price, with the average meal costing only around 15 to 20 Euros.

Ababuja Restaurant
Rua da Ribeira, n 11
Alvor Algarve

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