Beach Basket

Within The Heart Of Old Albufeira Lies The Beach Basket Restaurant

Located within the heart of historical Albufeira, Beach Basket restaurant features a beautiful terrace with picturesque views of both the seaside, and the rooftops of the city below. Elegant and romantic, this Albufeira restaurant is the perfect place to rest from your sightseeing and treat yourself to a long, lazy lunch.

A gem amongst the Algarve restaurant scene, Beach Basket restaurant has a menu that features the best of French cuisine, as well as a sampling of other delightful International meals. For those who want to indulge without jeopardizing their waistline sampling the fare of any Albufeira restaurant, their lunch menu has plenty of tasty salads, and delicious pasta, to keep your conscience feeling righteous.

Keeping with the traditions set by many Algarve restaurants, they also serve some standard seafood dishes, with an impressive French twist, like monkfish with mango sauce, a salade oceane and a cassoulet of seafood. Other favorites include the beef filet with white wine and garlic sauce, and local produce, prepared fresh every day.

While not catering specifically towards the tourist trade, this restaurant outdoes itself in making everyone feel welcome. With prices around the average for most restaurants in the region, you get the best of French cuisine, without the attitude that often goes with it. Warm, inviting, romantic, everything anyone could hope for in service, all this keeps visitors coming back for more, every day.

Beach Basket Restaurant
Praca Miguel Bombarda, 7
Albufeira 8200

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