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On The Rocks Club

on the rocks bar cascais lisbon-photo2

On The Rocks Club The cozy little town of Cascais is one of cobblestone streets and spectacularly charming houses, nestled along a graceful bay on the Estoril Coast. Growing out of one of the arms on the bay is...
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Villa Rica Hotel

Villarica hotel lisbon - photo 4

Where Old Meets New: Hotel Villa Rica The next time you are in Lisbon, make sure to stay at the Villa Rica Hotel. From there, everything the city has is within your grasp no matter what your pleasure. Located...
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Quinta da Marinha Hotel Resort

Hotel Quinta da Marinha resort - photo 1

Where Wishes Come True: Quinta da Marinha Hotel Resort When you come to stay at the Quinta da Marinha Hotel Resort in Cascais (Lisbon), you will find yourself caught between irresistible forces. Between the stunning beaches and majestic mountains...
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Chiado Hotel

Chiado Hotel lisbon - photo3

Sleep Above The City At The Chiado Hotel Situated in the most beautiful district in Lisbon, the Chiado Hotel occupies the top two floors of the Armazens do Chiado building. A historical landmark in its own right, the Armazens...
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Britania Hotel

Britania Hotel Lisbon - Photo 1

Britania Hotel The Britania Hotel is a very convenient hotel in the center of Lisbon which stands at 7km (4 miles) to the airport. This hotel was designed in 40th by a well known architect, C. Branco based on...
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Bairro Alto Hotel

Bairro Alto Hotel Lisbon - Photo 1

Bairro Alto Hotel This charm hotel is located in downtown Lisbon with a unique view to the city. This hotel is located in an area called Bairro Alto, which is the heart of the bohemian life in Lisbon where...
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Janelas Verdes Hotel

Janelas Verdes Hotel Lisbon - Photo 2

Janelas verdes hotel Janelas Verdes hotel is a 17th century palace that, like the street sharing its name, deserves to be discovered slowly and away from the city rush. Its peaceful and romantic atmosphere is in perfect tune with...
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