Antiga Cadeia da Relacao

Antiga Cadeia da Relacao, a Visit through Portugal’s Rich History

With a center that preserves century-old monuments, buildings, and structures, there’s no wonder why the city of Porto has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage lists. From magnificent churches and cathedrals to spectacular parks and gardens, Porto truly speaks of Portugal’s rich culture and history. Even the Antiga Cadeia da Relacao, or the Old Relacao Prison, the city’s ancient jail and courthouse, has become one of its major attractions.

Standing at the heart of the city, close to Clerigos Tower, Antiga Cadeia da Relacao has held many prominent people and most celebrated characters in the history of Portugal, including the prolific writer Camilo Castelo Branco. It was in prison cell number 12 that Branco wrote his world-renowned novel entitled Amor de Perdicao. Meanwhile, it was in 1974 when Relacao Prison held its very last prisoners and in 1961 when the very last case was tried and completed.

This 18th century triangular neo-Classical building features formidable iron bars and a high-ceiling courtroom, that is decorated with painted moldings. The courtroom provides a breathtaking view of the Cordoaria gardens as well as of the 18th century Clerigos Tower.

This historic building has been renovated a number of times. Many of the walls that divide the old prison cells have been destroyed to create a more spacious areas for collections and to serve as storage areas. Despite such changes, Antiga Cadeia da Relacao Porto area remains one of the best attractions and most-visited spots in the city. Its solid and sturdy structures are enough to draw people’s attention and remind them of the city’s rich history.

When visiting this historic city, it’s nearly impossible to miss Antiga Cadeia da Relacao Porto Area. It is nearby Clerigos Tower, which is a city landmark and one of Portugal’s tallest structures. The Old Relacao Prison is also close to Jardim da Cordoaria and to another historic building called the Igreja de Sao Bento da Vitoria.

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