Solar dos Nunes

Solar dos Nunes Restaurant: A Hidden Treasure

There are times, especially when you travel a lot, that you might stumble upon a gem, hidden away from the brighter lights of the big city. Solar dos Nunes restaurant is one of those gems.

From the outside, it looks just like another middle-class dwelling like those surrounding it, and the only indication that before you is indeed a Lisbon restaurant, is the sign hanging in front of it.

Inside the main door, you will find yourself in a large front room that is filled with tables, and a bar. Over the bar will be a dozen Iberico hams that have been drying for at least a day, next to a humidor filled with Cuban cigars. Through a few of the surrounding doors, you will find more dining areas, with even more intimate tables.

Solar dos Nunes restaurant often busy, from late afternoon onwards and may have a bit of a wait to be seated. So you should try to get a table reservation.

The menu here is divided into five distinct sections: appetizers, fish, meats, poultry and game, and finally, shellfish. The average three course meal here will cost around 30 Euros, and does not disappoint.

The poultry and game dishes are the most popular, and the house special is usually a fish soup, made in the bouillabaisse style, served in a huge volcanic stoneware pot. That touch truly sets the tone for your journey, one that must be experienced to be believed.

Rua dos Lusiadas, 70
Lisbon, 1300-372

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