Jardim de Sao Lazaro

Jardim de Sao Lazaro Porto: Serenity at the Heart of the City

A city as charming and enchanting as Porto never runs out of beautiful places that people can hang out at and explore. The gardens of Porto are among the top spots for tourists and even locals who just want to hang out, relax, and have a grand time with their friends and families. These include the Jardim de Sao Lazaro, or the St. Lazarus Garden, the city’s oldest municipal garden.

Completed in 1834, St. Lazarus Garden in Porto offers a relaxing and calming environment to people. It has vast grounds filled with different species of trees that include the most ancient kinds, from magnolia to lime, to acacia trees. People get to smell fresh air, relax under the shades of trees, and just relish the garden’s cool breeze. The garden also has historic monuments such as a gazebo where people get to relax and take pictures, as well as a marble fountain that formerly belonged to the Sao Domingos convent.

St. Lazarus Garden was established as a result of ending a fair that happened in 1833, and although several changes and renovations have been done to the historic garden, it manages to maintain certain unique and distinct aspects to it. These include the famous gazebo and the marble fountain.

It’s easy to get to Jardim de Sao Lazaro Porto area, as the garden is close to some of Porto’s top-ranked hotels, as well as major tourist attractions, such as the Mercado do Bolhao, La Ricotta, Café Majestic, and Capela das Almas. With lush green lawns, statues, and monuments, St. Lazarus Garden is definitely a must-see attraction that tourists should not miss in Porto. The garden may be buzzing with visitors due to its prominent and beautiful structures and landmarks, but it still offers a relaxing and tranquil environment.

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