Bones Chapel Alcantarilha

Alcantarilha Bones Chapel: Pausing For The Sake Of One’s Journey

Capela dos Ossos in Alcantarilha or the Bones Chapel is situated atop a hill close to some of the most gorgeous beaches of Portugal in the Algarve region. The chapel belongs to the almost inconspicuous, but quaint village of Alcantarilha.

This sleepy village is charming and still displays a strong sense of old European character despite the rapid tourist influx around it. Alcantarilha is a good place to visit for the Bones Chapel as much as it is for its vibrancy and old-European appearance with narrow cobbled streets, many cafes, bars, and other socializing establishments.

However, it’s the 15th century chapel that dominates the ‘villagescape,’ as it stands tall with its “searing the sky” bell tower in the heart of the old area. The Alcantarilha Bones Chapel in Algarve is standing on the site of an old cemetery and was specifically built to protect the bones of those buried in their grounds. So, the Bones Chapel is really the home of remains. The bones and skulls, over 5000 of them, are displayed on the walls and the ceilings of this church for everyone to see. Protecting the dead is a crucifix of Jesus Christ, placed very high on the farthest wall of this chapel.

Described as a peaceful and soothing experience, instead of scary and eerie, by those who have visited the Capela dos Ossos of Alcantarilha in Algarve, the remnants speak their own stories, only if someone has the time to stand and listen. These stories are told by the people of Alcantarilha and are are valuable as testimony of the local history.

Alcantarilha Bones Chapel in Algarve, though a place where the dead rest, is in reality a peaceful place filled with memories, warmth, and promise of life.

The Alcantarilha village can be reached by travelling along A-22 in South Portugal, being located around 15 km from the town of Albufeira.

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