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Braganca: Perfect Spot for Nature Lovers and Adventure- Seekers

Nestled behind the mountains, it’s easy to say that Braganca is probably the most remote area of mainland Portugal. The town, which was once a fortified village and was named Juliobraga by the Romans, seems unaffected by the fast-paced and complex modern life. Braganca Portugal region is known for well-preserved historical spots, unspoiled natural resources, and stunning natural views and landscapes, making the town attractive to people from different parts of the country and the world.

One of the most distinguished landmarks in this town is Domus Municipalis, a pentagon-shaped building known as the oldest and largest town hall in Portugal. It is famous for its Romanesque architecture that dates back from the 12th century and is considered a national monument. There’s also the very much visible Renaissance Cathedral, or Se Catedral, which was built during the 16th century and features a golden altar as well as intricate paintings on its ceilings. Founded by Duke D. Teodosio, the cathedral was previously occupied by the Jesuit priests.

Another must-see attraction in Bragança, Portugal, is the Museu do Abade de Bacal, or the Abbot of Bacal Museum. This museum showcases archaeological remains that date back from the Iron Age as well as a great collection of Indo-Portuguese paintings and furniture.

After visiting all these famous landmarks, tourists can also choose to explore Braganca Portugal region well-preserved natural resources. The most popular one is the Parque Natural de Montesinho, more commonly known as the Montesinho Natural Park. Home to a huge, variety of flora and fauna, this natural park consists of the mountains of Coroa and Montesinho as well as the rivers of Mente, Bacaeiro, Tuela, and more. It is the country’s most protected zones and one of the largest protected areas, extending at around 75,000 hectares with an altitude of over 1,500 meters.

Though situated far from Portugal major cities, getting to Braganca is very easy and convenient. It has a small airport, Aerodromo de Braganca, which connects the town to Lisbon and Vila Real. To get around the city and its neighboring towns and cities, travelers can also use the principal motorway called Estrada IP 4.

Braganca in Portugal may be the farthest town from the country’s capital, Lisbon, but the town is close to some other municipalities and cities that are also home to many tourist attractions. Along the eastern part of Braganca is the town of Babe, where the popular and historical treaty of Babe took place in 1387.  Along Braganca’s south eastern part lies the town of Miranda do Douro, a small town with diverse wildlife; and to the south tourists can find the historic towns of Chacim and Vila Flor lie.

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