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Amarante: Be A Living Witness To The City’s Historical Beauty

It is not difficult to fall in love with Amarante Portugal region. Located on the banks of the Tamega River, the picturesque city embraces its visitors with an air of mystery and beauty.

Amarante is found in the district of Oporto in northern Portugal. One of its main attractions is the impressive Sao Goncalo Bridge, which was built in 1790. The bridge was stage and witness to the 1809 heroic resistance of the people of Portugal against France’s Marshall Soult. The fight lasted for 14 days before Soult’s army finally advanced and burned down the local people’s houses. Below the bridge, visitors can marvel at the Tamega River, flowing peacefully amidst the dark past that enshrouds the city.

Moreover, the historical bridge leads to Amarante’s iconic church, the Sao Goncalo Church. Inside the church, visitors feast their eyes on its elaborately designed altar and pulpits. The church is named after the city’s patron saint, who is considered as the protector of marriages. The tomb of Sao Goncalo is inside the church. It is believed that when someone who is in search for love and partner touches the statue on the tomb, his or her wish will be granted in a year’s time.

Besides the Sao Goncalo Church, there are many other churches that attract the interest of Amarante Portugal’s visitors. These include the Sao Pedro Church and the Sao Domingo Church. The Sao Pedro Church is another product of the Baroque period’s elaborate and lavish art and architecture. Accentuating the baroque facade of the church are the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

While the city in itself is filled with impressive churches, another historical church is accessible from the city. Just 10 kilometers from the city stands the old Benedictine Monastery of Sao Salvador in Travanca, which has been converted to an asylum. It features two commanding Romanesque portals and a separate tower.

Amarante is not just about bridges and churches, though. It is also the home of the world-renowned cubist, Amadeo Souza-Cardoso. As homage to his great contribution and influence to the arts, a museum that houses his works of art has been built. With an impressive collection of the great Portuguese artist’s masterpieces, the Amadeo Souza Cardoso Museum is one spot that art-loving visitors of the city should not miss.

The historical bridge, the elaborately designed churches, and the works of art sum up Amarante Portugal region appeal to tourists. Its historical beauty is its greatest asset, which, fortunately, has not been washed away by the strong currents of modernization.

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