Silves City

Silves: A Testament to Portugal’s Rich Culture and History

The rich mountains and seas, the scenic lines of houses with whitewashed walls, and the remains of the Moorish castles are just some of the attractions that welcome tourists in Silves Portugal region. Situated at the western portion of the Algarve region, it has become the second home to holiday visitors who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city.

Silves Portugal region is mainly an agricultural center, but many people visit this town for the historic red sandstone castle and red and white cathedral, as well as the town’s panoramic hills and the region golden beaches. This modern progressive town reflects its rich and colorful past that has charmed the culturally and historically inclined tourists to explore its every corner.

Silves two most visible buildings, the red sandstone castle and the 13th century cathedral, provide a window to its rich past. The red sandstone castle is a distinct reminder of the Moors, who had once occupied and built Silves into a prosperous town. This castle is located on top of a hill, thus providing visitors a breathtaking view of the neighboring town, the countryside and the Arade River. Another interesting attraction inside the red-walled castle is the Cistern of the Dog, which is a 60-meter deep well, that some believe to be connected to the river. Also there is another Cistern (Cisterna da Moura) where it is said that, every year, in St. Johns day a Moorish Girl is heard mourning for a prince to save her.

The 13th Century Cathedral, on the other hand, takes the visitors back to the time when Crusaders regained Silves Portugal region from the hands of the Moors. As a celebration of the Portuguese Christians’ triumph over the Moors, they built the cathedral where they also buried the body of the Crusaders who died during the battle.

The nearest airport to Silves Algarve region is in Faro, which can be reached through major carriers from most major European countries, specifically the UK and Ireland. Other than Faro, tourists can also reach Silves from Lisnon or Porto, which are both connected to Algarve by coach and train services.

Tourists may explore Silves in Algarve by car or by bus. Public transport, however, is not always available. Thus, visitors who want to tour around by bus are advised to check on the bus schedule. For visitors who want to explore the town by car, they can take any of the streets leading up to the hill where the cathedral is located. Higher up is where the castle is located.

Silves in Algarve is undeniably one of the places in Portugal that tourists should not miss. Its imposing castle and cathedral above the hills tell visitors interesting stories of its past while also providing a window to modern days Algarve people and culture.

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